Rejection of the parliamentary coup attempt in Brazil

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The Special Legislative Commission of the Congress of the Republic of Brazil approved the proposal to send the impeachment proceedings to the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, under the central accusation that the Brazilian President violated fiscal norms, by masking a budget deficit.


We consider that this supposed "impeachment" responds to a plan formulated in the Congress and sectors of the Brazilian rightwing, including the media at the service of these sectors, to use these accusations in order to defame or even overthrow the Government of President Dilma Rousseff and to discredit the progress achieved in benefit of the people.


This political manoeuvre is seen by the Brazilian people as a clear attempt to destabilize democratic order, similar to what occurred in Paraguay, when a democratically elected President, Fernando Lugo, was removed from office. This manoeuvre has sparked numerous mobilizations in defence of democracy, and not only in support for the present head of State, but also for ex president Luiz Ignacio Lula de Silva, who likewise faces the possibility of a political trial for supposed a case of corruption.


We declare our solidarity and support for the Brazilian people that have come out onto the streets to march on repeated occasions in rejection of this attempt to overthrow President Dilma Rousseff; a move which has also been questioned by various nations around the world and international bodies, such as the General Secretariat of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). We condemn this parliamentary coup and attempt at destabilization that seeks to undermine the role of protagonists the Brazilian people have attained in recent years.


In these difficult times in our Continent, we are committed to furthering the process of integration, union, social dialogue and solidarity amongst peoples, to ensure that our region will be a territory of peace, political coexistence and social justice, whose democratic institutions and respect for human rights will be in full force.


Finally, we reaffirm our confidence in the people, in their social and political movements, in alternative media, who will not permit Brazilian proactive democracy to retrogress.


April 14, 2016




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