Democracy is not like Coca-Cola

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El secretario de Estado de EEUU, Antony Blinken, y el ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de China, Wang Yi.
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I take as a starting point the talk of Wang Yi, Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs before the Council of Foreign Relations of the United States, as reported by the Global Times. Wang says that in Washington they think that Democracy is like Coca-Cola, it should taste the same everywhere.


The United States has always expressed the will to standardize the world according to its model of democracy, by hook or by crook. The US model is basically a bipartisan system, which gives the illusion of plurality, but both parties are controlled by the same elite whose only political program is their parasitic enrichment at the expense of the rest of the world.


Hence came their interest in imposing their model of democracy in a universal way, as if it were an intolerant monotheistic religion with the dollar as the only true, almighty and vengeful God, who does not tolerate rivals and when they arise, drowns them in blood.


We already saw in the past when there was the Soviet Union whose model of government also had claims to universal monotheism.


At the end of Wang Yi Hara's talk there is an allusion to the failure of the URSS aspiring hegemony. He uses it as a forecast about the hegemonic aspirations of the United States and its democracy model that manipulates the representation of the will of citizens, which should be the main functional basis and purpose of democracy.


In the United States, the will of the voter is modified by a complicated tangle of filters and schemes interposed in an electoral process in which voting by mail and use of voting machines increases the possibility of fraud, as could be seen in the defeat of Trump.


The North American elector votes under the influence of media monopolies that in the end are only the vociferous and unscrupulous part that imposes on the average American citizen, whose low cultural level is notorious, the world vision that suits the interests of the international financial oligarchy.


We have already seen in the past, with the case of the USSR, how the United States uses the financial hegemony of the dollar and the FED to sabotage the economy and prosperity of those independent countries that dare to have a government system different from that of the US; just as the sanctions against the economies of Russia, China, Cuba, Iran or Venezuela are now accumulating. Free and democratic countries in terms of regime that reflect the will of the respective people; whose leaders are always labeled as dictators, because they do not obey the orders of the North American oligarchy voiced by their agents installed at the Capitol or the Whitehouse.


That sanctions policy continues today against China.


Beijing adopted a very different model, because it does not seek to make the rich even richer; but to lift the poor out of poverty. As China has the largest population in the world, by giving purchasing power to a majority of its population it also became the most important market of all.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in his videoconference with the Council on Foreign Relations of the United States: “We never adopt foreign models, but even when our policy is successful, we do not export our ideology, nor do we demand from other countries to copy the methods of China. "


The Chinese leader later enunciated 5 suggestions for the strategic policy of the United States with China that according to the Global Times newspaper, are the following:


1. The US should understand and consider the development of China in an objective and rational way.


2. The United States must work with China to chart a new path of peaceful coexistence and cooperation that is beneficial to all.


3. The United States must respect the route and system that China has independently chosen.


4. The US should practice multilateralism in a sense of realities.


5. The US should not interfere with China’s Internal affairs.


Chinese wisdom knows that "a country that practices hegemonism is destined to fail", instead we know that "A country will surely seek hegemony when it becomes stronger", according to Mr. Wang, in a warning about the increased strength of China.


Future relations between China and the United States; will depend on the fact that the United States respects and accepts the peaceful rise of China and the Chinese people’s right to seek a better life.


In the end Wang warned the United States that democracy is not like Coca-Cola that promises the same taste throughout the world, since democracy it is not about taste, the US must respect the route and the system chosen independently by the Government of China. 


Almeria 02/05/2021
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