Countering Washington's bellicose global projection

The tension between the United States and China grows every day. The United States, as it believes that it still has military supremacy, may provoke a very destructive war to prevent China from displacing it as the world's leading economic power.

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Publius Cornelius Scipio went down in history as the clever strategist who defeated the legendary Hannibal; because with an intelligent move, he took him out of Italy where he did a lot of damage, to defeat him at the gates of Carthage.


Hannibal boldly crossed the Alps to bring the Second Punic War to Italy. Installed there, all the destruction and disorder that the war caused occurred in Roman territory. He even had the luxury of setting up winter barracks in Capua, turning that benign place into a Carthaginian base in Roman territory from which to attack and maintain the distress in Roman territory. Something very similar to what the United States does with 800 bases spread over the four corners of the world, from which to sow death and destruction in defenseless countries without the ability to neutralize their air supremacy.


Scipio's genius was to get Hannibal out of Italy by threatening Carthage. The Carthaginian Senate wrote to Hannibal to return with his troops to defend a besieged Carthage, which was unguarded and vulnerable to the attack of the Roman army of Scipio.


The progress in the range and transport of powerful explosive charges of modern missiles makes the projection of air supremacy by expensive and huge aircraft carriers antiquated.


A naval group with aircraft carriers now located in the Indian Ocean may be more useful in defending US territory if it is stationed protecting the US shores of the Gulf of Mexico from naval missile threats, where the oil refineries are situated that supply gasoline to United States transportation.


The tension between the United States and China grows every day. The United States, as it believes that it still has military supremacy, may provoke a very destructive war to prevent China from displacing it as the world's leading economic power.


That would reflect the violent way of prevailing engraved on the American mind and culture. This is reflected in the deadly repressive violence against unarmed people that is so often carried out by the United States police. The same behavior that its soldiers have in territories under US occupation, as evidenced by the killings and rapes of civilians that occurred in Afghanistan, Iraq or Africa, wherever there are US troops.


The worldwide dispersal of United States troops in its more than 800 bases is also an outdated strategy, which was perhaps useful at the time of the genocidal wars against the Native Americans of the North American West in the 19th century.


With modern weaponry and speed of attack, these garrisons can be swept away or captured in a matter of minutes and will be safer returning home. This is what NATO seems to have understood in Afghanistan, where it spent thousands of billions to be defeated in the end by the Taliban; by the Ragheads, as they contemptuously call those warriors who defeated them, without satellites, without airplanes and without drones and without aircraft carriers. They defeated NATO armed more with their determination, intelligence and persistence than with their rifles.


Better that NATO return home those soldiers still alive. At home they will be more useful for maintaining public order disrupted by the acute economic crisis caused by the terminal crisis of the indebted dollar. If the United States persists in provoking China in Taiwan, China has already warned of war. For this reason, it is better for them to remove their troops from the Near East where they are exposed to be annihilated by the accurate Iranian missiles.


A war only suits the military-industrial complex of the United States. The United States military looks down on China because it has less nuclear weapons than the United States. They respect Russia because it has a number of nuclear warheads equal to or greater than that of the United States.


Therefore, an initiative in favor of world peace would be a formal military alliance between Russia and China. This initiative, together with the patrolling of the Caribbean by modern missile ships equipped with nuclear capabilities, would force the United States to withdraw on itself. This is to accept the new geo-strategic reality imposed by the most modern military technology of its adversaries. The time of massacring the defenseless civilian population of the adversaries with bombardments, with almost total impunity, which is the NATO military strategy since the Second World War, is over.


Hence the emphasis on manufacturing expensive aircraft carriers as a way to kill civilians throughout the world with minimal risk. But now there are new very lethal toys that change the style of the war game that Hollywood has accustomed us to see. Now there are weapons that can bring risk and death to American civilians as well. That's why the Washington hawks should focus more on the defense of their homeland.


Almeria 04/16/2021
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