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“Post-democratic” Internet Governance
by Michael Gurstein [2014-04-17] ( Español    )

How can Internet be De-monopolized?
by Sally Burch [2014-04-16] ( Español    )

Delhi Declaration for a Just and Equitable Internet
by Just Net Coalition [2014-04-16] ( Español    )

Information Flow and Power
by Julian Assange [2014-04-15] ( Español    )

Power and democracy on the Net
by Sally Burch [2014-04-11] ( Español    )

EE.UU: Coming Soon: The Surveillance of Everything
by Catherine Crump [2014-04-01] ()

Glenn Greenwald: Journalism, Secrecy, and the Intercept
by Michael Albert [2014-02-19] ()

A.Latina: A Communication Forum for Integration, in progress
by Osvaldo León [2013-12-17] ( Español    )

Free the Media!
by John Nichols [2013-11-20] ()

A.Latina: An agenda for communication in building integration
by Aram Aharonian [2013-11-03] ( Español    )

A.Latina: Democratizing communication for people’s integration
by ALAI [2013-10-23] ( Español    )

“It is unacceptable for European or U.S. media to be the information source for the continent”
by Sergio Ferrari [2013-10-09] ( Español    )

A civil society input to the UN Working Group looking at institutional mechanisms for global governance of the Internet
by IT for change et al [2013-08-30] ()

Uruguay: Uruguayan workers build a popular community television channel
by Aram Aharonian [2013-08-29] ( Español    )

Ecuador: Law on Communication: a tool to strengthen democracy
by Corape [2013-08-09] ( Español    )

Ecuador: Ecuador finally has its new communications law
by Sally Burch [2013-06-17] ( Español    )

EE.UU: Will Obama Defend Media Democracy?
by John Nichols [2013-04-08] ()

A.Latina: Communication, Democracy and Social Movements
by Osvaldo León [2013-02-27] ( Español    )

Internet restrictions target political activism
by Norman Girvan [2013-02-04] ( Español    )

The Wizards of Lies
by Umberto Mazzei [2012-12-18] ( Español    )

A.Latina: Sovereignty and Politics: Debates on Assange
by Irene León [2012-09-06] ()

Global InformatIon SocIety Watch 2011
by APc [2011-12-22] ()

Bolivia: Media conglomerates may come to an end
by Fortunato Esquivel [2011-07-15] ( Español    )

WSF: Declaration of the Assembly on the Right to Communication [2011-02-23] ( Español    )

Facebook and Twitter are not a game
by Abdeslam Baraka [2011-02-11] ( Español    )

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