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  Cashing In on Your Data
Por Evgeny Morozov   [2014-08-11]   

  Doing for the Poor and Doing to the Poor
Por Dean Baker   [2014-06-26]   

  The United States: A Strong Stock Market and a Weak Economy
Por Oscar Ugarteche   [2014-06-19]   

  The United States with neither recovery nor inflation
Por Oscar Ugarteche   [2014-04-13]   

  America: the mad
Por Mumia Abu-Jamal   [2013-09-27]   

  Upbeat June Jobs Report Still Leaves U.S. Economy in a Deep Hole
Por Dean Baker   [2013-07-11]   

  Job Growth Picks Up Steam in February
Por Dean Baker   [2013-03-08]   

  Unemployment Falls Below 8.0 Percent for the First Time Since January 2009
Por Dean Baker   [2012-10-05]   

  Leisure Beats Unemployment
Por Dean Baker   [2012-07-05]   

  Economic conflicts with China and class war in the United States
Por Dean Baker   [2011-12-20]   

  Unions and Immigrants and the Occupy Movement
Por David Bacon   [2011-12-07]   

  The Supercommittee of the One Percent goes down in flames
Por Dean Baker   [2011-11-24]   

  Latest U.S. Jobs report shows no light yet at the end of the tunnel
Por Mark Weisbrot   [2011-10-10]   

  Weak job growth leads to another rise in unemployment
Por Dean Baker   [2011-07-08]   

  The State of the Union
Por Fidel Castro   [2011-01-31]   

  Downturn continues to lower union membership
Por Ben Zipperer   [2011-01-21]   

  French protesters have it right: no need to raise retirement age
Por Mark Weisbrot   [2010-10-22]   

  The Budget Deficit Crisis Crisis
Por Dean Baker   [2010-02-11]   

  Unemployment is Up, But Bernanke Saved the Banks
Por Dean Baker   [2009-10-06]   

  Unemployment jumps to 9.7 Percent, as economy loses another 216,000 jobs
Por Dean Baker   [2009-09-04]   

  Pace of Job Loss Slows Sharply, as Unemployment Edges Down
Por Dean Baker   [2009-08-07]   

  Declaration of the Worker’s Forum
Por  A Worker’s Forum of the Americas   [2009-04-20]   

  Economy Loses 524,000 Jobs in December, Unemployment Rate Hits 7.2 Percent
Por Dean Baker   [2009-01-09]   

  Employment in Free Fall, Economy Loses 533,000 Jobs
Por Dean Baker   [2008-12-05]   

  A nation in rags
Por Frei Betto   [2001-06-12]   

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